General Questions

  • What is Whatchu?

Whatchu is a mobile app that allows anyone to search any product within their vicinity. A fun and easy way to find, review and talk about any products people are looking for. Also, it allows merchants to connect better to their customers and increase their awareness on the products that they offer.

  • Is Whatchu free?

Yes, Whatchu is free to download from your phone’s app store.

  • Who uses Whatchu?

You’ll find a wide range of people on Whatchu, including retail consumers/buyers who are in search of any product they are looking for that’s within their vicinity, Merchants who want to increase awareness on the products they are selling, and anyone trying to find a specific product to buy.

  • What is “Whatchu Selling”?

Whatchu Selling are for merchants who want to increase customers by putting their product on the map and make all these products searchable in Whatchu for Free.

  • What is “Whatchu Looking For”?

Whatchu Looking for are for buyers who are looking for a specific product and wants to find out where it is available. With Whatchu App, they can easily search for any products and its details and locate the store.

Product Listing Information

  • How did you get product listing and information?

We have our merchant marketing team who gather product listings and information directly from the merchants. We also get product information from our users, who are helpful enough to share or find where the certain product is sold. Please feel free to contribute so we can eventually put everything on the map and make mobile shopping experience fast and convenient.

  • Do Merchants have access on Whatchu?

Every merchant can post their product listing and set up a merchant account on Whatchu. The free tools provided allow a merchant to update their product listing, post descriptive information about the products, add photos, and view analytics from their merchant account page.


  • Can merchants advertise on Whatchu?

Merchants cannot advertise directly on Whatchu but instead can promote their products by listing all their products and updating the information regularly.

  • To rank first in Whatchu search results, do merchants have to pay for advertising?

Whatchu is a free app and we are not paid with advertising. It is a location-based search system where the app will show the nearest store who sells the product people are searching for. Moreover, having complete product details and updated information will help with the search result.


  • How is the ranking of search results determined?

Whatchu search results are based on an algorithm that is designed to provide the best results based on location and a number of different factors including product description match. We are constantly working on improving our search results and adding product listings so that we can deliver the most relevant local results to our users.