Miss Earth Candidates Recharge and Fend Off Pageant Stress at Ogawa Promenade

Miss Earth Candidates Recharge and

Fend off Pageant Stress at Ogawa Promenade

Having to keep up with pageant activities and saving the planet at the same time can be daunting even for the high-spirited candidates of Miss Earth 2017. With so much energy and time dedicated to travel, appointments, and fulfilling duties for the much awaited coronation day, the beautiful ladies need time for relaxation and recharging. What better way to do this than getting oneself a nice therapeutic massage using the Ogawa Master Drive.

Miss Earth Candidates: Ms. Karen Ibasco (Miss Earth Philippines 2017 and winner of Miss Earth 2017), Ms. Ainara de Santamaria (Miss Earth Spain 2017), Ms. Lada Akimova (Miss Earth Russia 2017), Ms. Jacqueline Marsh (Miss Earth Canada 2017), and Miss Charlotte Brooke (Miss Earth England 2017) had a chance to try the award-winning Ogawa Master Drive at Greenhills Promenade branch in partnership with Whatchu Mobile App – available on IOS and Google Play.

According to most candidates, their most favorite feature of the Ogawa Master Drive is that it gives them “the head-to-toe overall experience of relaxation”. Ogawa massage chairs are perfect not only for beauty queens but also for anybody who likes to be pampered and want to live a healthy lifestyle.

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Ogawa Master Drive features cutting-edge Japanese technology that is tailored to give optimum performance and precisely targets all acupunctural points. It mimics human hand massage techniques such as swedish, shiatsu tapping and more. This highly innovative massage chair makes you feel like a  real master with its 7-inch touchscreen, mood lights, and patented thermal rollers that improve blood flow.

Ogawa has ongoing special deals for the Christmas season which will give 40% off their regular price. This is the most ideal gift for someone who works extra hard and deserves only the perfect reward.


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