Whatchu Releases “Wishlist” Feature on Android and IOS Just In Time for Christmas

Whatchu app users can’t get more excited with the release of its much awaited wishlist feature, which allows the former to create a product list of their most desirable items and share it with their friends on Facebook, email or SMS.


So how does it work?
First you must download the free Whatchu app or if you’ve already installed it, you’re the coolest!


You’ve just saved your time searching the net or dropping by each shop just to check if what you need is sold there.
Whatchu will help you find the exact product you’re looking for in the store nearest you.


Now, Whatchu has added a fun feature that will let your loved ones know what your heart has always longed for!

You can easily add products to your wishlist by posting an item to the app and fill in the details such as the product name, category, color, size etc. You may even upload the product photo to make it easier for hunters to look for it.

Once the product is posted it will now be available in your “My Wishlist” menu. You can set it as public for all your friends to see or hidden as private.


You can also choose your product desire level or how badly you want the item by simply dragging the slider in the edit function of the wishlist. You can add as many items as you want and then share it to your social media friends on Facebook, email or SMS in the hopes that they will surprise you with a gift from your created wishlist this Christmas.


Wishlist is also great for any occasion so you can create as many as you like. Try to search for your friend’s name in the menu and see if they too have created their wishlist! Happy gift-giving everyone!