Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Whatchu?

    Whatchu is a free mobile app that allows anyone to search any product within the vicinity. It’s a fun and easy way to find, review and discuss the products people are looking for. Moreover, Whatchu allows merchants to connect better with their customers and increase their awareness on the products they offer.

    This new app helps you find physical stores that sell products you are looking for. Unlike online shopping websites, we strive to list physical stores that you can visit nearby, so you can touch, buy, and take the product home right away. The product you’ve been looking for might just be around the corner!

    Is Whatchu free?

    Whatchu is 100% free to download from your phone’s app store.

    Who uses Whatchu?

    Whatchu is created for anyone: mostly shoppers who are trying to find specific products and stores nearest to them and merchants, who want to connect with consumers and increase foot traffic to their physical stores.

    What is “Whatchu Selling”?

    “Whatchu Selling” is a feature offered by Whatchu for merchants which aims to increase customer’s product awareness and foot traffic by putting their product listings on Whatchu’s digital map. Customers will be able to search merchant products in the app and know which specific store they can find them.

    What is “Whatchu Looking For”?

    “Whatchu Looking for” is a feature offered by Whatchu for buyers who are looking for a specific product and want to find out its availability in the nearest store.

    What are the main features of the app?

    The app connects three stakeholders: Shoppers, hunters, and merchants.​ Users can search for an item, and the app acts as a search engine, providing information about which brands with actual physical stores are nearby.

    The second feature of the app is called the Crowdhunt, which aims to develop a strong and interactive digital community to help shoppers. If in case the item is not on the 400, 000 product database, users can post items on the app, and those who can help out provide answers can win prizes.

    Lastly, Whatchu provides a powerful platform to merchants to advertise their products and grow their markets. ​ A new feature called “Wishlist”, which users can post on social media is going to be added before the Christmas season. ​

  • How did Whatchu acquire the app product listings and information?

    Whatchu’s merchant marketing team takes charge of gathering product listings and information directly from our valued merchants. Submissions from “crowdhunters” or app users who find and share product availability in store locations also amplify our database. Please feel free to contribute so we can eventually put everything on the map and make mobile shopping experience fast and convenient.

  • Can merchants advertise on Whatchu?

    Merchants cannot advertise directly on Whatchu but instead can promote their products by enlisting them and updating the information regularly. Please contact our Whatchu Marketing team for any queries.

    To rank first in Whatchu search results, do merchants have to pay for advertising?

    Whatchu is a free app and we are not paid with advertising. It is a location-based search system where the app will show the nearest store selling the specific product Whatchu users are looking for. Moreover, having complete product details and updated information will help with the search result.

  • How is the ranking of search results determined?

    Whatchu search results are based on an algorithm that is designed to provide the best results based on location and a number of different factors including product description match. We are constantly working on improving our search results and adding product listings so that we can deliver the most relevant local results to our users.