The Practical Shopper’s Guide to Hassle-Free Shopping

Shopping, as therapeutic as it may look and sound, isn’t an easy task. Practical shoppers often go through a lot of steps before they finally strut those shopping bags as they walk away from the stores, or receive the items delivered at their doorsteps.

In this article, we talked to some of our practical shopper friends and asked them about the top three shopping problems they experience when they shop online or through physical stores!


For practical shoppers who love to shop at physical stores, it’s important that they know where to easily find the items they like so that they can save time (and energy from the long walks!) Most of the time, we spend hours browsing through the web and walking inside the malls just to look for a single item that we need to buy. We now live in a world where efficiency is most valued so we cannot afford to waste our time for that, right?


Though online shopping, in a way, has addressed Problem #1, what practical shoppers experience is way worse when it comes to online shopping. Imagine being excited for an item that you ordered (and spent money for!) and in the end you receive a product that doesn’t look like the item posted online, or a damaged one?!? Maybe our parents and grandparents are right, “never trust anything online!”


Most practical shoppers today are looking for the best shopping experience. The formula is clear: lesser time + cheaper price + good quality = best shopping experience. And we can only achieve that with one thing – convenience. Shoppers come from different backgrounds – they live in different areas, they come from different class levels, they vary in jobs, etc. But one thing is common among these shoppers – time is the most important thing in this world. These people find fulfillment if they know that the time spent for shopping is a time well-spent.

So what if we tell you that all those problems are being addressed now by a start-up mobile application that started here in the Philippines?

Yes, it’s us – Whatchu! We are the shopping companion that you can trust that only aims to give users the best shopping experience, and help our partner brands maximize their business potential!

We’ll walk you through our solutions to these shopping problems here:

Problem #1: They don’t know where to find items!

OUR SOLUTION: A reliable product locator!

You can now locate items using our app. The app will show you where you can find items in the stores nearest you.

Problem #2: Scam and damaged products

OUR SOLUTION: Talk directly to the store employees!

Yes, you can ask for item specs or actual photos! 

Problem #3: They don’t have much time for shopping!

OUR SOLUTION: Choose the most convenient way to buy items!

Now, you can choose whether you want to buy items online or through their physical stores.

In Whatchu, we want to simplify your shopping experience without of course compromising the quality of products that you buy.

So, are you ready and excited to shop? Say goodbye to your shopping problems and have a fun shopping experience!

Download Whatchu now!